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The Gates of Avalon - Karl R. Krueger (Hard Cover)


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It had been more than a thousand centuries since the Old Ones disappeared. Who they were and where they went was a matter of heated debate amongst the scholars of Avalon. The Old Ones had left behind five great artifacts; gates that opened pathways to the many worlds spread across all the plains of existence.

For many centuries the ageless gates stood as monuments to the Old Ones. No one guessed or understood the danger until it was too late. The mighty warriors of Asgaard fell in a single night of blood and flames. Shangri La lasted a mere hour. Even the Empire of the Four Realms could not stand against the new enemy.

Now the darkness that enveloped Avalon was coming here and it was up to Theodore Schmidt, an old man crippled and weary from life, to stop it.

This is the chronicle of that struggle.


Karl has unlocked the mysteries of folklore. What we think we know is only partially true. The story shows us a new world where the creatures of legend are real and men must join them in order to save both Earth and Avalon from evil forces. An epic fantasy, a mystery and a good old fashioned western all mixed into one. I couldn’t put it down.

-Brian Mell

A terrific fantasy mixed with a wonderful adventure connecting the past and the future.


I quickly became hooked on the characters and the story.

If you enjoy Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Terry Brooks, Sword of Shannara series, you will enjoy this book. A great read for those of us who appreciate the bending of what you think you know into new limits.

-Nancy Schloemer

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